The Hope EP

by swinglow

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released July 24, 2012



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swinglow Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Hope

This is my letting go, stripping me of my pride. Through all myself away in hopes of better days.

They’ve lost all heart but they can't take my soul.

(Call to the ones in hiding, call to the ones we once were.) They try to tear me down to my flesh but I am bound to my Father. They try to tear me down to my flesh but I'm Yours. This is everything I have, everything I pour out. This is my hope for a world and I’ll hold it till I die.

I will sever all ties and take back all of your denials, full of suffering and sickness.

I put my hope into this.
Track Name: This Heart (Feat Danny Petruska)
This Heart

Take these hearts and set them a flame and send them to the world, before there is nothing left. We need to live this life not for ourselves, so we can change these broken landscapes.

(We can’t change the world unless we open up our eyes.)

And let Your grace fall down and truly know what is to love.

I will break all ties from the crooked lies and all the selfish things that keep you alive. We were meant for more than this, than separation and moving further from our purpose. I wont go out, I wont go out without a fight. I’ll sacrifice everything if this truly all died tonight

(We must reverse this hate to turn it in to something greater.)

We must reverse this hate to turn it in to something greater so we can start a revolution. I will love you with outstretched arms and an open mind.

For I'm dependent on this love.

Break from your chains so we can start a revolution. I will love you with open arms, for I'm dependent on this love.
Track Name: Distances (feat Tanner Murphey Of To The Wind)

Keep your hope suspended in time.

I keep these thoughts imprisoned in my mind. I try to reach out to you despite the pain that you put us through. But I would do anything for you to see that there is more to life than this.

So you drowned into the sea and replaced from complacency. But what do you have left? Your tired eyes have seen no hope. But I see hope in you when you don't see hope in yourself.

And if its courage that I lack I got the wind right behind my back,

It pushed in swiftly to the sea before its slowly drowning me.

I will be pushed aside, take everything I am. To show you you can't take this all away by your selfishness. You'd trade your soul to feel anything

But I would tear these walls down cross any distance to let you know that you are loved.
Track Name: Dry Season
Lost all hope, lost all sight of what is real, what is right.

Bounded by desperation, stranded by my own disbelief and when I find my solace you are my relief.

Are you that far away or do I lack vision?

Is this something caused by mistakes? Is it all on my decisioning?

My throat goes dry like this season I have with you.

This this right here this is the moment where you can turn everything around and make a change,

Embrace love and let it overcome this hate.

Stand up for what you believe in, your convictions held high.

I know this life is breaking you down,

But when we stand together we rise up together nothing can get in our way.

(No matter what you say we're gonna rise up.)

No matter what you say it's coming on the rise to take back the desperate, To pour life in the lifeless, to store hope in the hopeless. This is my declaration in a hope of restoration. No more fear and desperation but complete freedom.

(Take my life back.)