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I still believe in a positive change when all truth has been swept away. Defiance for the sake of defiance will only get you so far. The definition of opposition, the opposition of your own identity, the mask behind your humanity.

Go cast your fears unto the horizon. For you can make a difference if you just look past yourself.

This world is finite. (Nothings left, nothings left.) Hate at its finest. (Nothing changes.) You are the liar. I have the heart of the lion.

Take these words as a grain of salt, salt of the world or salt in your mouth.

I am not ashamed to say I cant do this on my own. I never said I've never been to this point, I'm still on your side. You walk the gray line but this is where I'm drawing mine.

I've come to terms that change is inevitable, that doesn’t mean I will let this life change me. Stand by the things you cling to your heart so you will be able to stand on your own two feet. I wont succumb to the pressure of this world

and I've been to this place too I promise you we will see this through.

We’ve got to go back to the heart of this. (It's got to be right now.)

When we were young but past our innocence. (It's got to be right now.)


from The Hope EP, released July 24, 2012
Mixed And Mastered By Ahren Lanfor



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swinglow Tacoma, Washington

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